Online courses! Kirby teaches how to keep your social media account safe from hackers, hijackers and clones. Click here to learn more.

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Bring us in to your world, show us what your are struggling with and we can strategize and even help tackle your roadblocks to success!

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Take control of your digital marketing

Artists need to be able to spend time in the studio and minimize time learning new tools and techniques. The goal of Curious Kirby is to give artists the knowledge and control of their digital marketing, whether it is websites, social media or the very important newsletter/eBlasts.

Learn with Kirby

Kirby, an artist herself, has over 20 years deep in the technology training world and has mastered the methods of teaching technology and social media concepts. Let Kirby and her team help you decide on the best options for your art business.

Are you ready to take control?

Are you ready to become the marketer you need to get your art widely seen? Are you ready to jump in and learn the most efficient way to get your program working for you? Are you ready to give yourself the time and financial freedom to keep creating? This is all possible when you fine-tune your digital marketing into a system. Let us help you.


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